How to choose a good kibble

All Natural CanineĀ® products are a supplement or boost for your dog’s daily kibble. But which kibbles are best? Before you choose a regular kibble, make sure you know about the stuff included in most kibble.

What can they put in your kibble?

The following common ingredients are permissible in commercial dog food:

  • The 4Ds: This is meat that is Diseased, Dead, Dying or Disable (we’re sorry you had to hear this).
  • Chicken meal
  • Rendered animal parts (yum)
  • Packing-house waste
  • Fillers
  • Preservatives
  • Colors and dyes

To learn more, check these links: WARNING: This is not very pleasant stuff.

What’s in All Natural Canine?

All of our ingredients are from a local grocer and are fit for human consumption.

  • USDA butcher-quality chicken
  • Quinoa or rice
  • Peas & carrots

All our recipes are gluten-free, and our Strength Recipe is grain-free. Learn more about our food for dogs and our cooking process.

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Clean-kibble recommendations

Here’s a clean kibble our dogs have enjoyed for years.

Halo dog food

If you have a favorite clean kibble that you think should be on the list, let us hear from you too!


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Which recipe?

Use the chart below to determine which recipe is right for your dog, or see the complete list of ingredients.

How it’s made

It brings us joy to work in our commercial kitchen and know the quality and love that goes into the preparation of your pet's food. Learn more >>.

how our food is made