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Recovery Recipe

Ideal for dogs with:

  • An upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Recovering from surgery or heart worm treatment

When your dog is ill or having temporary digestive problems, they still require good nutrition.

Our Recovery Recipe is a gentle blend of butcher-quality USDA hormone-free chicken breast and organic white rice with our special fortified gravy – a combination that encourages easy digestion.

Veterinarians recommend it

This chicken breast and white-rice blend often is recommended by veterinarians for dogs who have temporary issues with diarrhea or nausea.  It soothes stomach sensitivity and assists GI tract. Depending on what your vet recommends, one 10-ounce container can provide 2-4 complete servings and retails for approximately $7.00

Healthy Recipe

Ideal for dogs that are:

  • Endurance athletes, or
  • Challenged in keeping weight on

This blend of butcher-quality USDA hormone-free dark meat chicken, organic quinoa, peas and carrots with our special fortified gravy keeps tails waggin’ in the kitchen and on the trail!


Just add it to your daily kibble

Helps protect joint flexibility, enhance longevity, enrich skin and coat, maintain vitality and strengthen immunity.  One 10-ounce container provides 4-8  treat topper servings and retails for approximately $7.00

Strength Recipe

Ideal for dogs that:

  • Play at the park occasionally
  • Hang out at home
  • May require weight management

Our best-selling Strength Recipe is a carnivore’s delight, containing butcher-quality USDA hormone-free dark and white meat chicken with our special fortified gravy. 

The smell of real chicken will have your furry friend jumping for joy at dinner time!

Just add it to your daily kibble

Packed with 23% protein from real butcher-quality chicken and helps strengthen immunity, maintain vitality, fortify bones and muscles, enrich skin and blood, and manage weight.   One 10-ounce container provides 4-8  treat topper servings and retails for approximately $7.00

TASTY terrific TREAT toppers

We offer three different recipes that accommodate a wide range of health and fitness needs.



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