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Our adopted shelter dog used to just look at me when I served him his kibble. He’d eventually grudingly eat it hours later. But when I put just two tablespoons of the (All Natural Canine) Healthy Recipe on his kibble, he’s thrilled. It makes me happy to see him happy. He deserves it, and I know he’s getting a boost in his nutrition.”

Stacia W., owner of Django the (muddy) dog


Good thing Kona is cute, because he sure is picky! He turns that cute little nose up to dry kibble – even the good stuff. When he got “kennel cough” it was imperative that he eat before taking his medication. All Natural Canine to the rescue! Now he is feeling better and I know he is eating better.”

Korey Howell, photographer standing by


Hello, Hudson here. I’m just a pup still growing into my feet. I’m so active during the day that I sometimes miss my mid-day meal. I come in from playing outside and sleep right through what would have been lunch. Not anymore. My buddy has been mixing All Natural Canine with my meals and it’s to bark for. I never miss a meal when my buddy prepares it. 

Hudson and my buddy, Maclin

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